Saturday, November 22, 2008

What I Wear

Another very simple/boring outfit. lol I actually top it off with a jacket but forgot to wear it when I take this picture.

shirt - souvenir shop
jeans - jag
shoes - thrifted
studded belt - thrifted
necklace - multiply online store


The Seeker said...

I love your belt and your necklace!!!


KayeL said...

i love the necklace! what's the site you bought it from?

saray said...

very cute tee

AsianCajuns said...

It's a simple outfit, but not boring! I love the fit of the jeans and shirt.

cherish_jd said...

the seeker: thanks for the comment!
kaye: i bought the necklace at
saray: thanks for taking time to drop by my blog.
AsianCajuns: thanks for the nice comment!

Anonymous said...

I really like your pants - they have such a great fit.

cherish_jd said...

thanks nadine!