Saturday, November 22, 2008


Some random pics taken last week.

This picture is a stolen shot taken by my hubby (that's his hand on my shoulder lol)last Sunday when we went to San Nicholas church to have a glimpse of Mama Mary of Simala. It's said to be miraculous and I'm a strong believer. We woke up at 4:30am and the line was quite long when we arrive at the church.

This is also a stolen shot taken while we went thrifting. While I'm so busy browsing on clothes, he's also so busy taking pictures. lol


EmilyKate said...

Hi there Cherish! thanks for your nice comments on my blog. You should give learning to sew a try, you have great style I bet you;d come up with great stuff! is awesome for learning and they even have free pattern.
I hope Mama Mary granted you whatever miracle you are most hoping for! :o) It is a lovely picture.

Lavender said...

I get completely lost when I'm thrifting too. Great blog.

The Seeker said...

Love the first picture and I also hope that Mama Mary granted you whatever miracle you are most hoping for.


cherish_jd said...

thank you emily and the seeker for the nice words! i believe that Mama Mary will do grant my wish.

emily: Thank you for giving me the link of the site. I'll do check that out.