Friday, November 21, 2008

Perfect Duo

OMG! Look whose doing a photoshoot together! Can you believe that this 2 of the best bloggers, Alix and Louise, joined their forces to have this fairytale-like photos. They are just awesome! Simply perfect!

This pictures really make my day!


Anonymous said...

They look absolutely stunning! I love this photoshoot :D

The Seeker said...

OMG!! These pictures are stunning!!!!
So ethereal and they must have put many effort to recreat this.
Thanks for sharing.

Also thanks for stopping by my blog, I didn't know your, but I'm liking it :)

Oh your shoes in the previous post are soooo cool and the cardi so nice.

Keep in touch dear if you feel like


girl next blog said...

These outfits are so innocent-but-sexy, I love them! Specially the first ones.

cherish_jd said...

the seeker: tnx also for dropping by. i'll do keep in touch. tnx!