Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Plaid Couture

There is an ongoing Christmas Bazaar at the trade hall of SM City Cebu. If I remember it right, today is the last day of the bazaar. Yesterday during my lunch break I take the chance for a quick trip to the mall to do some quick shopping. ;) I enjoyed hopping from one stall to the other that I lost track of the time. To make it short, I go back to the office at 2pm (I'm suposed to go back at 1pm). Bad I know. And with that 2hours of shopping, I only bought 1 item. lol

I call this the plaid couture shorts - Php100 ($2).

close up of the fabric


Join the Gossip said...

very cute! Great find =)

cherish_jd said...

yup! and it just $2!

miemiemie said...

ah ganun ba sis, usually it costs 750..

cherish_jd said...

miemie: thanks for the reply!