Sunday, November 23, 2008

Kids on the Block

I love watching kids on our neighborhood. It made me want to have kids of my own as well. lol
The first 2 pictures are twins. I love their smiles and they are so adorable!
The 3rd picture is my niece with her friend. I miss my niece. She used to live with us but right now she's in the province in my parent's home. :( Can't wait to see her this coming holidays.

Aren't they adorable? Do you love kids like me?


Anonymous said...

Oh they're so adorable! I love kids, but only when they're not screaming or throwing tantrums ;-)

yiqin; said...

When kis are shouting, def not adorable!

Kylie said...

i love kids too! theyre so adorable!

cherish_jd said...

I don't like screaming kids either! it's just annoying.

Loz and Dinny said...

So cute! Thanks for your comment over my way!