Friday, November 7, 2008

Bag These Bags

What can be better than one Marc by Marc Jacobs bag? TWO Marc by Marc Jacobs bags!

Seventeen magazine is giving away two Marc by MJ bags to one super lucky female! Just grab a copy of Seventeen's November '08 issue and follow the following east steps:

Register by texting in SEVENTEEN REG and send to 2948 (for Sun, Smart and Globe subscribers). Next, key in SEVENTEEN LUXURY plus the unique promo code found in each Seventeen glossy and send to 2948 again. Raffle draw date is on Jan 15, 2009.

It is that easy but the prize is to die for! RUN and grab your copy now!


Eelie said...

How lucky for the winner. Is it only open to U.S citizens (because i know you're in the Phillipines (stalker much) and i'm in NZ) lol but wouldn't it just be FANTASTIC to be the owner of these two beauties!

cherish_jd said...

Oh! sorry I forgot to mention that it is only open to residents of the Philippines. Whoever the winner will be very very lucky indeed! ;)

yiqin; said...

OMG I really want the checkered one.

The Paper Doll said...

We don't get those mags here and I'm not in the philippines either :( sad face.