Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Christmas Online Shopping

As early as October, I already start making list of Christmas gifts for my family and friends. Second week of November I already bought gifts for my mom, sister, sis-in-law (bro's wife) and one nephew. Me and hubby wrapped it last Sunday.
Yesterday I went online shopping at ebay for some more gifts. This are what I end up buying.

Julia office shoes - this is for myself ;)

Terranova duffle bag - for my sis-in-law (hubby's sister)

Charm bracelet - either for my cousin or hubby's cousin

Piping Hot slippers for my inaanak (godson)

Levi's 577 for myself (I'm planning to cut this into shorts)

I only spent a total of Php 1,375 ($28) for all of this items.


Nadine said...

Love love love the office shoes.

M* said...


It is sold in a Spanish jeweler's. Sorry, I forgot to mention!!


cherish_jd said...

nadine: thank you!

m*: thanks for the info!