Thursday, August 23, 2012

Chic Meter

It's been a while since a while since I last visited my blog. Well, I don't really have any reason for abandoning this blog except that I'm BUSY. Forgive for that. ;-) In case you're wondering what kept me busy, then read on. I'm always thinking of selling something related to fashion and finally after lots of contemplation. . .I finally dive in. I recently opened my online shop at Facebook which I baptized as Chic Meter. I am now selling stylish and on trend accessories at a very affordable prices. Yes, I really mean AFFORDABLE. This are just a sample of what I'm selling in my online shop and I'm hoping that you could drop by in there and maybe you could find something you like.
Orange Studded Wrap Bracelet
Coral Crescent Collar Necklace
Twisted Multicolor Necklace
YSL-inspired Arty Ring
Nude Collar Necklace This is just a sneak peak. For more items, please visit Chic Meter Shop on Facebook. P.S.: I'm thinking to change the URL of my blog from to, to show some lovin' to my online shop. ;-)

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