Saturday, August 25, 2012

Bantayan Island

This may seem as a summer post but this is actually taken last December. It really doesn't matter really coz it's summer all year round in my tropical country, except of course for occasional rain. My friend came home to our hometown for a vacation which made me so happy since it's almost 4 years since we've last seen it's other. We are now miles miles apart, she's based in Norway now :-(
I miss this girl soooo much!!!
with my BFF ;-)
have a glimpse of the beautiful island of Bantayan. . .
let's get a little cheesy, ok? hahah. . . me & my hubby with the beautiful sunset in Bantayan Island.
the gang (my bff Niles, her sister Rissa, me & my hubby, my hubby's cousin Daryl) Looking back at this pictures made me wants to go home to Bantayan and let my BFF come home with me. ;-)

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