Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Red Coat

She got the best red coat! And she looks great. And she's pretty.

Wondering if I can pull it off. :(

photo: LaMimi


janettaylor said...

I agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. She is very pretty! :)

giggleness said...

wow. that coat! lovely.

Laroux said...

You're so sweet :) That red coat is such an amazing colour


yiqin; said...

When I go to cold countries, I MUST GET A RED COAT!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more - she's perfect!

Demi said...

thank you honey :)
aw, I hope one day that you can experience snow!!

wow, amazing coat! of course you could pull it off!!


The Seeker said...

Mimi is gorgeous and such a lovely person!!!!
I love her!!

And of course you would be great in a red coat!!!


jess said...

That is an awesome coat.

Dooder City said...

She is really pretty. I am sure you can pull of anything!

Eleh said...